Navigate to the Project Members section within the Project Setup Module 

**NOTE: User must have Manage Users site permission in order to edit Project Members and their permissions. This permission must be granted by the Org Administrator**


Select the user to edit their permissions by clicking on their name. Once inside their profile, click on the Permissions tab in the top right corner of the screen.


On this tab, all of the permissions for each section of the Project are here. It is important to note each user needs permissions to READ/READ ALL/WRITE in each sub-folder as it pertains to them. Without being granted access, they will not be able to see sub-folders created.

Next to each Section, click the drop-down arrow to expand the view to see sub-folders within that section.

Select the appropriate permissions: 

Read: Allows the user to see the section or sub-folder link. Allows the user to read ONLY items inside the Section or Sub-folder that they are assigned  (To, From, CC, Responsible, etc.) Allows for collaboration. Collaboration allows for the Project Member to upload attachments, participate in discussions, and add CC users (where applicable).

Read All: Must be layered on top of read. Allows the user to read ALL items inside the Section or Sub-folder, whether they are assigned inside the item or not. Allows for collaboration to all items inside the section or sub-folder. 

Write: Allows the User to author/create new items in the section or sub-folder.

Delete: Allows the user to delete items and folders within the section or sub-folder.


When the proper permissions have been assigned to the User, it is imperative to click Update at the bottom of the screen to save the updates. 

To close the Project Member Profile, simply select Close.