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What is the Documents Report?

The Documents Report is a report that can be pulled on the Plans, Specs, and General & Photos sections of the Documents Module. This can be a current drawing log pulled on the Current Plans folder within the Plans section,  a historical log of all Specifications held in the Specs sections showing all version of the specifications, or a filtered report for any other files held within the sections. 

Within the Documents Report, the paper orientation and grid options allows for different versions of the report to be generated- with and without grids. (Samples attached at the bottom)

If the standard, out-of-the-box report does not meet an organization's need, there is the opportunity to customize any print or report via our Professional Services Group. Submit to a markup of the report with details about customizations or changes. The Report Writers will review the request and advise if the customization request can be completed, the cost, and the turnaround of the customized report.

Filters, Options, and Sorting

As with all Project Reports, the Documents Report can be filtered for specific information or details about different documents held within the Documents Module. The Document Report can be filtered to:

  • a specific Document Module Section (All, Plans, Specs, Photo)
  • a date range based on the Issue date assigned the document
  • a specific assigned document discipline, status, issue, title, and/or number
  • a specific document folder
    • Please note, that subfolders within the folder can be included into the report by using the Include Sub Folders checkbox to the right

The Document Report also has 5 special reporting option checkboxes:

  • Show Current Documents Only: This will return the report only showing the latest version of documents in the results
  • Show All Revisions: This will return the Historical Document Log
  • Show Path: This will show the folder path to the document file within the Document Module Section it is held in
  • Show File Name: This will include the File Name of the document file
  • Show By Sort Order: This will show the documents in the list by the sort order

The sorting options at the bottom of the Documents Report  allows users to control the order in which the information is sorted. The nine sorting options are: None, Section, Document Number, Revision Number, Name, Discipline, Issue, Issue Date, and Status. The Arrows to the right are to toggle the sort between ascending and descending. 

Viewing the Results

Once the filters are entered, use the refresh button to apply the filters, options, and sorting to the available project information. The Documents Report Preview Grid will populate with the results based on the entered filter criteria.

The filtered report can also be printed to a PDF by using the Print icon in the top ribbon.

A copy of the filtered report that was generated using Print can also be sent out via a Project Transmittal by using the Transmit button in the top ribbon and completing the Transmittal

The Documents Report can also be exported to a .csv file

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