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The Project Home Screen

The Project Home screen will be the same for each Organization Project. The hyperlinks shown on the Project Home screen for each Project Member will vary, depending on the project's members assigned Project Member Permissions on the project. Project Admins will have access to all of the purchased modules & module sections of the Project's owning organization. 


Project Modules

Project Modules are the sections identified on the project home screen with a heading.

  • Project Setup
  • Cost Management
  • Project Management
  • Reports
  • Documents  

Project Sections

Project Sections are the parts of the project that make up the module. Each section has its own unique functionality and holds specific content/functionality for that module section.

Project Subfolders

The Project Management and Document Management Modules sections also have the ability to have a folder structure created within the module section. Subfolders are unique to each project, whereas the Module and Sections cannot be customized or changed. Subfolders are shown within each project section in their own grid. Below is an example of a Transmittals section with subfolders created. Repeat subfolder structures can be created within Project Templates and carried forward into new projects. 

Project Management subfolders need to have Folder Access Permissions assigned to them for Project Members to access. Document Management subfolders are considered public, unless the folder is created as restricted

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