Create Document Transmittal

1. Navigate to the document folder or file being transmitted from the Documents Module section
2. Select in the grid the files and/or folders being transmitted
3. Select Transmit

4. Complete the Transmittal
Note: Please refer to 4.9 Transmittals for more information regarding Transmittals
 5. Select Transmit on the Transmittal

Transmittal Email and Link Functionality

When the document(s) are sent, the recipients will get an email. Here are the contents of the email:



    • Download Zip File(if applicable) - This link will download a .zip file of the folder referenced from the site and its contents to your local environment.
    • Download PDF - This link will download a compiled PDF of the transmittal information along with its attachments.  The first page will be the transmittal cover sheet and the following pages will be the documents attached.
    • Transmittals > (transmittal number)   - This link will redirect to the transmittal after the logging into the site. The recipient can add remarks and documents as well to transmit back to the sender.