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About Transmitting Document Files & Folders

All Document Modules files and folders have the ability to be sent out via a project Transmittal from the Transmittals section of the Project Management module. 

In order to Transmit Document Files and Folders from the Documents Module, the logged in Project Member will need the project permission "Create" to the Transmittals to generate a document transmittal from a document module section. 

Create and Send a Document Transmittal

1. Navigate to the document module section and folder or file that is being transmitted

2. Select in the grid the file(s) and/or folders

3. Select Transmit in the top ribbon

The user will be navigated to the Project Management Module's Transmittal section to a new Transmittal

4. Complete the Transmittal details

Within the Referenced Folders and Referenced Documents section, the folder or file(s) selected will be listed within the Transmittal and will be able to be downloaded from the Transmittal Email.

5. Once the Transmittal is complete - select Transmit in the top ribbon to send this Transmittal and it's content to the listed To and CC's

The screen will refresh to the Transmittals grid and the date Transmitted of the Transmittal will be captured

It is important to note that The Document Reference Tool allows for Document Module Files & folders to be selected from within the Transmittal. In this method, users would navigate to the Transmittals section, create a new Transmittal and in the Referenced Documents grid us the Add Folder or Add Document button to open The Document Reference Tool

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