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The Standard Transmittal Email Notification

In addition to auto-generated Transmittal Types, the Standard Transmittal type has its own out-of-the-box standard email notification. Below is the standard notification broken down into sections:

Section #1: Subject and From

The subject of the Transmittal Email notification is made up of the Project Name, Project Number, New Transmittal, the Transmittal Number, and the Transmittal Description. 

The from of the email notification will always be the name of the project member listed in the From of the Transmittal and the email address or

Section #2: General Information

This section advises general details about the Transmittal, including the To, listed CC's, and Project. It also provides the Project Member recipients a direct link to go to the Transmittal in the system after successful login to the site.

Section #3: Remarks

This section includes all the details that are entered into the Remarks section of the Transmittal. Any formatting used in the site will be shown in the email notification as shown above.

Section #4: Download and Attachments

This section gives users multiple different options for retrieving the Transmittal and it's content. 

The first option, Download attachments as a zip file, allows recipients to download all of the attachment files uploaded to the Transmittal's attachments grid to one zip file. The PDF version of the Transmittal is not included in this download. 

The second option, Print Transmittal without Attachments, allows recipients to generate the Transmittal PDF for viewing/downloading.

The third option, Print Transmittal with Attachments, allows recipients to generate a single PDF file of the Transmittal and attachment files uploaded to the Transmittal's attachments grid that meet the PDF Attachment Compiling Compatibility for viewing/downloading.

The fourth area of this section is the individual download of files that are attached to the Transmittal's attachments grid. Please note there is an additional setting to change this to use the File Download Manager vs. showing individual files in this area. 

Section #5: The Transmittal Footer

This is the standard footer that goes out with all email notifications. Please note this can vary depending on the StratusVue website that is being worked in. It includes StratusVue Support Team's contact information as well as a hyperlink to the StratusVue Knowledge Base

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