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What is the File Download Manager?

The file download manager is a way to control the number of links shown in Individual Download Section of the Transmittal Email Notification.

Without using the File Download Manager, users can have any number of attachments and referenced documents added to the Transmittal and each attachment will get its own download link within the bottom of the email notification.

The File Download Manager allows for a certain number of attached files to trigger a single link, titled File Download Manager, to bring users to a session-based webpage to download files individually. 

Without the File Download Manager the Transmittal Email Individual Attachments Section:

With File Download Manager Turned On:

Setting Up a Project to Use the File Download Manager

1. Navigate to the Project Defaults section of the Project Setup Module

2. Navigate to the Defaults Tab

3. Within the Email Options section, find the Number of Files in emails to trigger download page

4. Enter the number of attached files, or referenced files, that will trigger the File Download Manager

- Entering a 0 will never trigger the file manager, each attached or referenced document will have an individual link the in Individual Downloads Section of the email notification

- Entering a number greater than 0 will allow the number of attached or referenced files and folders trigger the download manager link within the email notification

Example, if we enter 10, the file download manager will be used when 11+ attachments are added. 

5. Select Update at the bottom of the page

Using the File Download Manager

When the File Download Manager is turned on for project emails, it allows users to be brought to a special session page by clicking the link in the email. 

Users will be brought to a Read Only version of the Transmittal (depending on the user's permissions) and show them a listing of all of the attached files, referenced folders, and referenced documents.  Users can choose to download files from this page, or when folders are referenced - click those folders to navigate to the folder to download.

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