What are the Cost Event Reports?

The Cost Event Reports are reports that can be pulled on the Contract Events and Commitment Events sections of the Project Management module.

Within the Cost Event Report section of the Report module, the report type that is pulled can be selected by toggling between Contract and Commitment

  • The Contract report type will pull a report using information from the Contract Events section of the project
  • The Commitment report type will pull a report using information from the Commitment Events section of the project

The Filters

In both report types, Contract and Commitment, the filters behave exactly the same. They allow the report to be used to filter for specific information about Cost Events. The Cost Events Report can be filtered for certain Cost Event Types as well as certain Cost Event Statuses.

       Note: The Cost Event Type options are controlled by the reports that are turned on within the Org Project Options section of the Organization Setup Module. Please contact your Organization Admin to learn more. 

Viewing the Results

Once the filters are entered, use the refresh button to apply the filters to the project information held within the selected Cost Event section (Contract or Commitment).  The Cost Events Report preview grid will populate with the results based on the entered filter criteria

The filtered report can also be printed to a PDF by using the Print icon in the top ribbon.

A copy of the filtered report that was generated using Print can also be sent out via a Project Transmittal by using the Transmit button in the top ribbon and completing the Transmittal