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About Editing and Adding Expediting Log Items via Import

Expediting Log Items that reside within an Expediting Log can be updated via the expediting log import. This is often referred to as a re-import. Additionally, after an Expediting Log has Expediting Log Items created, new items can be added to the Expediting Log via an import. 

There are specific rules and requirements for re-importing Expediting Logs:

  • To edit existing expediting log information via a re-import, columns A-F in the re-import must match the expediting log item exactly. (any changes in these columns will result in the system creating a new expediting log)
  • Only Expediting Log Items in the status of pending can be updated via import.
    • If the item is a status other than pending, the import will not update the expediting log item. 
  • To add new expediting log items to an existing expediting log, simply add them to the existing import file

Re-Import Over Expediting Log Items

1. Open the original import file that was used to import the original expediting log items

2. Update the expediting log item information and save the file locally

3. Navigate in the StratusVue website to the Expediting Log that is being updated

4. Select Import in the top ribbon

5. Select the Browse button to find the locally updated file

6. Select the file and use Open

7. Enter the sheet name that is being imported (if the sheet name was not changed while entering the data, the default is Sheet1 when the import template is downloaded.)

8. Select Upload File

9. In the mapping screen, double check that the source column is selected to match the destination field (field within the site). If no changes were made to Row 1 of the Import Template, all fields should automatically map to their appropriate field in the site. Once confirmed, select Import Log

The system will refresh to the Expediting Log with the newly updated and added expediting log information

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