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About Project Members in the Mobile Application

The Project Members section of the Mobile Application is read only. Project Member user management will still need to be completed within the StratusVue Platform website. The Project Members section of the mobile application will show a listing of all project members that have been added to the project. 

Viewing and Using the Project Members Section

1. Navigate to the Project within the mobile application 

2. Select the Project Members section from the mobile application's navigation tree to

The Project Members section will sort all listed project members by their last name. The main project members grid will show the project members first and last name, as well as their company. 

The Project Members section is also searchable for those projects with longer project members lists. Typing in the search bar at the top and selecting the search icon will search for the entered criteria in the grid.

Viewing Project Member Details

Selecting a Project Member from the Project Members grid will open the Project Member's details. From here, users are able to interact with the listed phone number and email of the project member. 

The Phone Number and Email are hyperlinks to utilize the device's phone and email applications. 

  • Selecting either of the phone numbers will allow for a call to the phone number from the device. 
  • Selecting the email will allow for an email to be started to the selected email from the email setup on the device.

Watch the Video

00:00-00:05 Introduction

00:06-00:42 Viewing and Using the Project Members Section

00:43-01:19 Viewing Project Member Details

01:20-01:27 StratusVue Contact Information

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