Project Settings in the mobile application are project and device specific. Project Settings need to be addressed for every project on each device


Within a Project,  Select Settings on the Navigation Tree


Allow Sync via cellular: Turning on "Allow Sync via cellular" will allow the app to utilize the device's Cellular Network for syncrhonization


Project Management: Turning on Project Management will sync ALL Project Management Sections available within the mobile app every 30 minutes when active internet connection is available. If this is turned off, each section will sync when the section is opened.

All items created offline, or without active connection, will be synchronized at the next connection to WiFi


Documents: Turning on a section of the Documents Module (Plans, Specifications, General & Photo, or Closeout) will download all available documents within that section to the device. If this is not turned on, users have the ability within each Document section to download documents as needed.