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About Project Settings in the Mobile Application

The Project Settings section of the mobile application is unique to each project and device. Project Settings need to be addressed for each project on each device.

Out-of-the-box, all Project Settings are turned off. For details about each setting, please review the below section.

Reviewing and Updating Project Settings

1. Navigate to the Project within the mobile application that settings are being updated

2. Select the Settings section from the mobile application's navigation tree


3. Review each available setting and select accordingly

Project Info

The Project Info will show users the name of the project, the last time that Project was synchronized, and the amount of storage space that project is utilizing on the device

Cellular Networks

The Allow Sync Via Cellular setting allows the mobile application to sync the project over a cellular network. Please note that the device must have cellular network access. 

Project Management

The All of Project Management setting allows the mobile application to sync all Project Management sections automatically every 30 minutes when an active internet (WiFi or Cellular) connection is available. If this setting is turned off, each Project Management section will synchronize when it is opened when an active internet connection is available

Please note, all items created offline will synchronize the next time the device has access to an active internet connection


The Plans, Specs, General & Photo, Closeout Documents, and StratusDrive documents settings are used to identify if an entire document section's files should be downloaded to the device. Toggling on a document section setting will download all files that are held within that document section to the device. 

If these settings are NOT turned on, users will have the ability within each document section folder to download files as needed to the device

Mobile App Version

At the bottom of the settings screen, the version of the mobile application is shown. 

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