Creating the Invitation to Bid


  • Click on the Bid Packages Link within the Documents Section



  • Next, click New Bid Package in the top ribbon bar


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New Bidpackage 
Create New 
Edit options 
Add Message Message 
Send Options


  • Enter the New Bid Package Information: 
    1. Project Information --> Project Name - This will be brought into the Email as the Project Name that the Subcontractor will be bidding on
    2. Bid Package Information --> Bid Package Name - This will show in the Description Column in the Bid Package Grid shown in 1.1 
    3. Bid Package Information --> Number - This will show in the listing of bid packages Grid Bid Package Column shown in 1.1
    4. Bid Package Information --> Bid Due Date/Time - This number will print on the Emailed Invitation, shown in Step 4
    5. Bid Package Information --> Description - Fill in the Scope, Who to reply to or any specifics that you want the receiver of this package to know 
    6. Bid Package Information --> Responsible Project Estimator / Assistant - The User that is listed here will receive the email confirmation how Subcontractors have responded to their invitation
    7. Bid Package Information --> Responsible Project Manager - This will be the Users information that will be listed on the Invitation to Bid
    8. Bid Package Information --> Email Title - The Title in the Subject line of  the Emailed Invitation, shown in Step 4


    1. Project Information --> Project Address - Read into the Emailed Invitation, shown in Step 4
    2. Bid Package Information --> CSI Code(s) - Read into the Emailed Invitation, shown in Step 4
    3. Bid Package Information --> Pre-Bid Meeting Location - If you have a pre-bid this is optional to provide that information to the bidder
    4. Bid Package Information --> Public Bid Package - This is DEFAULT to unchecked which means only people invited will be able to see the package.  If checked then it will be publicly listed for anyone to view.
    5. Bid Package Information --> Construction Start Date - When is the anticipated Construction Start
    6. Bid Package Information --> Construction Schedule Completion - When is the anticipated Construction Completion
    7. Bid Package Information --> Fax Bid Forms To 
    8. Bid Package Information --> Plans Available Online After - The Plans will be available after this date
    9. Bid Package Information --> Show most current revision - Defaults to Checked so the most current are always shown


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Create New Bid Packa 
Project Name * 
Bid Package Name 
CSI Code(s) 
Bid Due Date / Time 
Pre-Bid Meeting Date / Time 
Pre-Bid Meeting Location 
Public Bid Package 
Addendums Send Options Download Print/ Reports 
Viable/ Disable Bid Package e,Add Bidders 
öCreate co ntaCt 
Edit options 
e,Add B i d de rs Advanced öCreate r 
Bidder Options 
öAward B 
user Options 
KB Publishing Standard Template 
2:00 PM 
12:00 PM


  • Once all information has been entered, click Save at the bottom of the screen. The screen will refresh and go back to the main Bid Package screen where the newly created Bid Package will be displayed