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About Daily Logs

The Daily Logs section of the Project Management Module is the location for managing and capturing all of the daily on-site activity for the project. 

As a Project Management section, the Daily Logs section can have a folder structure created to organize Daily Logs. When folders are used in an Project Management Module section, Folder Access will need to be addressed for each subfolder that is created within the section.

Creating Daily Logs

1. Navigate to the Daily Log section or subfolder where the Daily Log will be created.

2. Click the New Log icon in the top ribbon.

3. Complete the main Daily Log Information.

4. Select Save Changes

Adding Daily Log Activities

1. Scroll down to the Activity Section of the Daily Log

2. Select the Add New Activity Button

3. Enter the details about the activity being recorded into the Daily Log

Please note, the Organization dropdown and the Second Tier Sub dropdown are populated with the companies that have a Project Member listed in the Project Members Section. The Second Tier Sub field can be manually typed into.

4. Select Save

5. Repeat steps 1-4 for all activities being captured for the day's Daily Log

Generating Daily Logs to a PDF

1. Navigate to the Daily Log a PDF is being generated for

2. In the top ribbon, select the Print/Reports tab

3. Select the Print Option

1. Print Item - will print only the Daily Log page and information

2. Print Item with Attachments - will print the Daily Log and any attached or referenced files (see also PDF Compiler (Print with Attachments)

Generating Multiple Daily Logs to a PDF

Multiple Daily Logs can also be printed to a single PDF at one time by selecting the Daily Logs in the grid and using the Print options available within the Print/Reports tab.

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