To create a User:

  • Search the email address to make sure they are not already in the system as a contact

  • If the user is not a contact or does not have a user profile, Click "New User" in at the top of the screen
    • You will be taken to this screen where you will need to enter the following *REQUIRED* information:
      • Existing or New Company
        • If the company is existing search for it using the "Existing Organization" search box. You must type at least three characters in the box in order for it to start displaying organization names. This could take a few seconds. Once you find the company the user belongs to, select it to populate the Address fields below
      • User Default Role
      • User Login - *It is best that the user login be the e-mail. Makes it easier to search for user to add to projects, etc.*
      • Password and Confirm Password
      • First Name
      • Last Name
      • E-mail Address

  • Once that is complete, scroll down to the permissions. Select the appropriate permissions for the site user. External site users are recommended to only have the privilege to Manage their own user profile. Internal site users, depending on their role in the company, may be granted more advanced permissions.

  • Press "Save" to create your user's profile. You will get a message on your screen letting you know the user profile has been created, and the user will receive an email with their login credentials to begin using the site.

Converting a Contact to a User:

A contact profile will usually look like this:

If the user is in the system as a contact:

  • Search for them using their email address
    • Populate User Login
    • Password and Confirm Password
    • Scroll to the bottom and press "Update".

  • Search for the user again and at the top of their profile will be a "Permissions" tab. You can assign their permissions there; You can only do this after converting their profile from "contact" to "user"