Adding Project Members

  • Click on your Project, then under Project Setup select Project Members.

Project Setup 
Project Setup folder for project 'Big City Building' 
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• E@ject Members 
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• List Management 
Subcontractor Performance Evaluation

  • You have the following options that will be in the top ribbon of the Project Members screen:
  1. Add Project Members - Users that are already in the system with login information
  2. New User - Create a New User Profile (with login information)
  3. New Contact - Not in the system at all (no login information, just contact information)
    1. Please read Users vs. Contacts to learn more about these two types of person profiles
  4. Remove - Remove a member from the project

You are here: 
Home \ Project Setup 
BNew User 
New Contact 
Add Project Members 
User Options

Edit Project Member Information 

  • Click on project member name.  This will bring you to the Edit Project Member Screen.   You can edit a member’s information, project permissions and folder access:
  1. Add/Revise/Edit company information.
  2. Assign a role which will establish default permissions. This can be customized in the permissions tab on the users profile.
  3. Add/revise user information (username, password, email address, etc.)


Edit Project Members 

  • Using the top ribbon will allow you to edit Project members by selecting all or only some:
  1. Edit - Select member to be edited, and then click Edit. You cannot select multiple members for this action.
  2. Role Change - This allows the member(s) role to be changed for that specific project. Changing their role will not affect their current permissions. You can select multiple members for this action
  3. Toggle QR (Quick Reply) - This will toggle the quick reply option on and off for that specific project. Select the project member(s) and click the Toggle QR button. You can select multiple users for this action.

You are here: 
Home \ Project Setup 
Role Change Toggle QR 
Edit Options


Copy Permissions  

  • This allows the option to copy permissions from one project member to another project member(s). Select the project member(s) that you need to copy permissions TO and then click the Copy Permissions button. 

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  • Select the project member to copy folder permissions FROM within the dropdown and select Copy User Roles. Choosing the Remove any current folder permissions will clear their current folder permissions in that project and replace them with the folder permissions of the person who's role you are copying FROM.  Click OK to save changes.


Best Practice Tip 

  • If a user is leaving the project, it is best to go into their profile from the project member module and deselect the Active box.  This is will keep the history of project members intact. Remember to click Update to save the changes made.