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About Project Members

The Project Members section of the Project Setup module is by far the most important. The Project Members section is where StratusVue Platform website users are added to the Organization Project for collaboration. The Project Members section is not only the project directory, but also the project access list. In order for a Site User Profile to see a project, they must be a listed project member of that project. (Only User person profiles will be able to collaborate on projects, contact person profiles can be added for just directory purposes - but will not be able to receive emails or access the project, please review Users vs. Contacts for more details)

Once Site User Profiles are added to the Project Members section of a project, they can be controlled by Project Member Permissions. A project member's "out-of-the-box" project permissions will be defined by the site user's default User Role each time they are added to a new project. 

Project Members is the one section of the Project Setup Module that can have permissions assigned to non-admin users. All other Project Setup sections are only available for Organization Admins and Project Admins

Adding Project Members

1. Navigate to the Project Members section of the Project Setup Module

2. In the top ribbon, select Add Project Members

3. The System Tool: The User Selection Tool will open. The User Selection tool is used to search the various views and different collections of existing person profiles within the StratusVue Platform website. (It is important to note that the User Selection tool will show both User Person Profiles and Contact Person Profiles. For more information, please refer to Users vs. Contacts)

4. Once the person(s) profiles are found and Close and Add selected is used in the User Selection Tool, the screen will refresh back to the Project Members grid - showing the newly added users that are now added as Project Members

If a person profile does not yet exist, users with the Site Level Permission to Manage Users & Manage Companies will be able to Create Site Users within the Project Members Section of a Project.

Project Member Information

The Project Member information section is accessed by selecting the project member's full name in the project member's grid. The Info tab of a Project Member contains both information about that Project Member's user profile as well as some Project Specific information for that Project Member.

User Company Information 

This is the information about the company and location that the project member is associated to.  Any modifications made to company information within this screen will only be for that User and not the Company as a whole. 

User Information 

This is the information specific to the person. The User Login field will be blank for person profiles that are Contacts. Selecting the Change Password checkbox will allow for a password change to be completed for the profile. The First Name, Last Name, and email address are required fields. 

The Project Trade Name and User Notes fields within in the User Information section are project specific fields for a project member

Project Member Information

This is where the project member's User Role can be changed at the project level. This is also where project members can be marked as active or inactive. 

Users with the site level permission to Manage Users will be able to make updates to various information regarding the user's profile within this screen. 

Note: For person profiles that are synchronizing with an integrated accounting platform, please refer to your Organization's integrated User Group for more information about what information is synchronized. Synchronized information will always overwrite site information.


Removing & Inactivating Project Members

To remove project members from a project

1. Select the checkbox(es) of the project members being removed

2. Select Remove in the top ribbon

When project members are removed from the project, they are also removed from any items that they were collaborating on. If removing a project member associated to items, the best practice is to inactive the project member.

To inactivate a project member

1. Open the Project Member's Project Member information screen

2. Scroll down to the Project Member Information section

3. De-select the "Is Active" checkbox at the bottom

4. Select Update

Inactivating a project member revokes that project member's access to the project but allows them to remain in all items that they were collaborating. Inactive Project Members cannot receive emails out of a project or locate the project for access when logged into the website

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