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About Site Users

Site Users are all of the people that have either a contact or user profile created. Site Users are identified by their email address within each StratusVue website. 

Site Users can be added to Organization User Groups, to projects as Project Members, and to Bid Packages as Bidders.

To add existing Site Users to a User Group or to create new profiles within Site Users, User Groups, Project Members, or Bid Packages, the site level permission of Manage Users is required. 

It is important to note that the project level, Project Admins and Project Members with Read and Write permissions to the Project Members or Bid Packages sections can add existing Site User profiles via the User Selection Tool. They can also manage Project Member information and Bidder information.  

For Organizations with an accounting integration, it is possible that Site User contact profiles be created over the connector. Please refer to your applicable integrated User Group article or your Organization Admin for more details. 

Generating a New Site User Profile

Opening the New Site User Forms

The New User and New Contact forms can be opened in 4 different locations. Once opened, the steps for creating a new profile are the same. For the best experience, it is recommended to ONLY work with User profile type. Contact profiles are an older function and are in the process of being deprecated in a future release. 

  • The User Administration's Site Users Section

  • Within an Organization User Group

  • A Project's Project Members Section

  • A Project's Bid Package

Creating a New Site User Profile

1. Select New User in one of the above-mentioned locations.

2. Assign the user to an Organization/Company

All Site Users MUST be associated to an Organization. Search for an existing company in the dropdown by typing into the Existing Organization field. The dropdown will populate with existing companies available to the logged in user.

Please note, for users with an accounting integration, synchronized vendor companies will be identified for the logged in profile by showing the Vendor Code/Vendor ID to the right of the Organization. 

If the organization does not exist, users with the Site Level Permission of "Manage Companies" are able to use the "New Company" toggle at the top to create a new Organization. It is important for integrated organizations to establish any vendor company within their integrated accounting platform FIRST and synchronize them to their integrated Organization User Groups before creating the Site User profile.

3. Assign the Site User's default User Role. This will identify the Project Member Permissions assigned to the site user when it is added as a Project Member

4. Enter the User Information. This is the information specific to the person. The User Login field should be the same as the user's email. The First Name, Last Name, and email address are required fields for both Users and Contacts. The User Login and Password information is required for User Type Site User profiles All other fields are available to provide additional information/insight into the Site User

5. Assign Site Level Permissions to the profile. Users are only allowed to assign Site Permissions that they themselves have.

It is recommended that all users have the Manage User Profile permission, as this gives them access to their My Profile section to the top right. Additionally, external users should have no site permissions other than Manage User Profile. 

6. Select Save

A pop-up confirmation that user was created successfully will be displayed. 

If the Site User was created in an Organization User Group or within Project Members or Bid Packages, the new user will be created and added to the applicable section. 

Updating an Existing Site User Profile

The Site Level Permission of Manage Users is required.

1. Search for the User within Site Users

2. Open the Profile by selecting in the User Login column

3. Make updates as needed

4. Select Update

Note: For person profiles that are synchronizing with an integrated accounting platform, please refer to your Organization's integrated User Group for more information about what information is synchronized. Synchronized information will always overwrite site information.


Removing and Inactivating a Site User Profile

The Site Level Permission of Manage Users is required.

1. Navigate to the Site Users section of User Administration

2. Search for the profile

3. Select Delete to the right

4. Select OK in the pop-ups

The profile is  now what we refer to "soft deleted". All access to the applicable StratusVue website has been removed. This user will appear as "Disabled" in all project drop-downs that they are listed. Support will review the delete requests periodically and may touch base with any questions. 

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