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About RFI's

The RFI's section of the Project Management Module is the location for managing and maintaining the RFI's for the project. 

As a Project Management section, the RFI's section can have a folder structure created to organize RFI's. When folders are used in any Project Management module, Folder Access will need to be addressed for each subfolder that is created within the section.

It is also important to note that there are advanced functions available when using RFI folders, for more information regarding RFI Advanced Forwarding, please contact

Creating RFI's

In order to create new RFI's, Project Members will need the permission to Write to the RFI section or subfolder. 

1. Navigate to the RFI section or subfolder where the RFI will be created

2. Click on the New RFI button within the top ribbon 

3. Complete the New RFI form

Please note that the minimum required Fields are From, To, and Subject, Status, Request Reason, Action Requested and the question. All other fields are optional, however recommended.

4. Include any CC's to the RFI by using the blue plus in the CC's grid to open the The User Selection Tool

As a reminder, being a CC to a Project Management item does not only include them to the email notification with the RFI is submitted, but also identifies the Project Member as a collaborator of the RFI. See Project Member Permissions for more details on collaborator permissions.

5. Include file attachments by dragging and dropping into the box or reference existing document module folders and files using The Document Reference Tool

5. Select Save

Generating RFI's to PDF

1. Navigate to the RFI a PDF is being generated for

2. In the top ribbon, select the Print/Reports tab

3. Select the Print Option

1. Print Item - will print only the RFI cover page and information

2. Print Item with Attachments - will print the RFI and any attached or referenced files (see alsoPDF Compiler (Print with Attachments)

Generating Multiple RFI's

Multiple RFI's can also be printed to a single PDF at one time by selecting the RFI's in the grid and using the Print options available within the Print/Reports tab

Transmitting RFI's

1. Navigate to the RFI that will be Transmitted. Make sure it's ready to send!

2. Select the Submit button in the top ribbon

3. The RFI will then be Transmitted to the Project Member listed in the To field and all listed CC's. The date Transmitted will be captured right within the RFI Grid

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