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What is the Sent Email Report?

The Sent Email Report at the Project Level is available only to Project Members with the project role of Project Admin. Organization Admins have access to this information within the Organizational Level Sent Email Report as well. For more information regarding the Organizational Level Sent Email Report please refer to: Organization Reports

The Sent Email Report is the confirmation that the StratusVue solution website sent the email notification to the recipient. It is important to understand that the sent email report is not a delivery confirmation. It is a confirmation that the email has been sent by the website. To help ensure delivery of emails, please have all recipients add both the support email address and noreply email address to their Safe Senders List. (Please check with your Trainer or Organization Admin to confirm the domain of system emails) ; ;

Additionally, emails can only be delivered to valid email addresses. Any emails that are sent and returned as undeliverable will be provided to the Organization Admin on a daily basis. If you have any questions, please contact Your Support Team.

The Filters

As with all Project Reports, the Sent Email Report can be filtered for specific information or details about an email notification that was sent. It can be filtered to:

  • a specific email address or a part of an email address
  • a date range
  • information in the subject line of the email
  • text in the body of the email

Once filters have been applied, using the Run button will run the filters on the project data and return results for viewing. 

Viewing the Results

Once the filters are entered, use the Refresh button to apply those filters to the data. The Sent Email Report Preview Grid will populate with the results based off of the filter criteria entered. 

Additionally, the report can be Exported to Excel or CSV file

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