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About RFI Numbers

The RFI numbers that are used are automatically numbered by the system. The RFI numbering scheme is unique to the main RFI's section and each RFI subfolder. RFI numbers can only be used once per section of subfolder. RFI numbers auto-increment based on a 3 digit scheme, starting with 001.

Editing RFI Numbers

The ability to edit RFI Numbers is limited to Organization Admins and Project Admins.

1. Open the RFI

2. Select the yellow Edit button.

3. Enter the new RFI number.

4. Select Update on the RFI to save the changes.


 Alpha characters are accepted in numbering within the website but are not supported in the Mobile Application.

Assigning a RFI Number Prefix to a RFI Folder

For Projects that are utilizing RFI subfolders, there is the opportunity to assign a prefix for the RFI numbers held within the folder. These prefixes will be shown in the RFI Grid interface as well as included when running reports using the Project RFI Report. Prefixes are not available for RFI's held within the main RFI Section.

1. Navigate to the RFI section subfolder that a prefix is being added

2. Select the blue edit icon to the right of the folder within the grid

3. Enter the Folder Prefix

4. Select Update

All RFI's within the folder and when pulling reports will now show with the assigned prefix.

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