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About Qualifications

Qualifications can be entered and stored for Company Organizations within the StratusVue Platform websites. Once qualifications have been captured for an Organization, they can be seen within the Bidders by Division grid of Bid Packages, in the Add Bidders Advanced tool within Bid Packages, in the Company's Organization profile, and in the Diversity (DEI) Report.

Entering company qualifications at site level User Administration requires the site permission Manage Users.

Entering Qualifications to a User Company

1. Navigate to the Company profile within User Administration: Site Users

2.  Enter search criteria in the Site Users grid to locate a person profile associated to the company that Qualifications are being entered. Select the User Login column to open the person profile. 

3. In the User Company section of the profile, select Edit Qualification

4. Complete the Qualifications form

To add Zip Codes, select the State in the Dropdown. Then highlight and select Add >> to add the zip codes to the selected zip codes column.

5. Select Save at the bottom

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