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About Time Tracking

The Time Tracking section of the Project Management module is to track time for internal employees. It allows for this employee time to be assigned to a cost code, notate overtime and double time, identify a shift, as well as capture notes regarding each employee timecard entry. 

It is important to note that at this time, the Time Tracking section does not have a direct integration with an accounting platform. However, there is an available export/import option for Sage 300 integrated customers via our Professional Services Group. For more information about this option, please contact

Creating Time Sheets

1. Navigate to the Time Tracking section of the Project Management Module

2. Select the Create Time Sheet button within the Time Sheets grid

3. In the Create New Time Sheet screen, select the date of the time sheet and add any general notes in the top section. 

Please note, the, Unique Employees, and Total Hours fields will automatically update as new timecards are created within the timesheet. 

4. Select Save

The newly created Time Sheet will be added to the Time Sheets grid

Creating Timecards within a Time Sheet

Each time sheet will hold individual timecards for each employee. To create a new timecard within the time sheet:

1. Open the Time Sheet that an employee timecard is being created

2. Select Create Entry within the Time Cards grid

3.  Select the Employee from the Employee dropdown

Please note, the Employee dropdown will show all project members for Organization Admins and Project Admins. For all non-admin Project Members with permissions to Time Tracking, the Employee dropdown will only show Project Members from the same Organization. 

4. Enter the number of hours being recorded for the timecard on the selected day's timesheet

5. Select the project labor cost code that the work is associated 

The Cost Code dropdown is populated by labor project cost codes only

6. Notate if the work performed was overtime or double time by selecting the applicable checkbox

7. If Timecard Shifts have been setup in List Management, select the applicable shift from the dropdown

8. Enter any additional notes for that employee's timecard

9. Select the checkbox within the add column to the left to save the timecard entry

These steps should be repeated for each employee or timecard entry that needs to be completed

Please note, timecards entries can also be copied by using Copy in the grid.

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