The purpose of the Time Tracking section is to track the time of your internal employees and allow you to assign cost codes and notes.  The Times heets are accessible form the Project Management section or from within a Daily log.  You can also create an associated Daily Log from the Time sheet.  This manual will walk you through the creation process and guide you to the prints and reports available.


Creating a Time sheet:

Access the Time Tracking section from the Project Management Module.

Once in the Time Tracking Section you will see a list of the time sheets already created.

The Grid will provide a summary of the total time cards within that Time sheet, the number of unique employees and the total hours recorded.  You will also be able to Copy, delete and see if there is a Daily log associated with that time sheet.

Machine generated alternative text:
Time Sheets 
X Delete Time sheets create Time sheet 
Total: 70.00 
Time Date 
04/ 22/2021 
# Time cards 
Total: 12 
# Employees 
Total: 12 
Total Hours 

Click on "New Time Sheet" in the upper left

New Time Sheet

Creating a Time Cards

The Time Sheet Date is automatically created for the date of creation, if it needs to be changed click on the Calendar.

NOTE: If a New Daily Log is created from the Timesheet this date will be used for the Daily log as well

To create a new card click on the Create Entry button in the Time Cards sections


Time Cards 
Delete Entry Create Entry        

Required fields

Date defaults to the date of the Time Sheet.

Employee provides a list of all your Organization employees from this project.  The Users must be part of the project to show in this drop down.

Hours is where you enter the total hours associated with that cost code.

Cost code drop down provides a list of the project cost codes that have a Labor Allocation.  The Cost code must be part of the project to appear.

Optional Fields

Overtime, total hours the listed project member exceeded standard  hours.

Notes, text field for additional documentation.

Once done filling out that line the check mark on the left side must be clicked.

Time Cards 
Delete Entry Create Ent 
C) Edit Time Date 
C) 04/13/2021

Once created you have the option of creating more entries for that day by repeating the step 4.a-4.e or if you have another cost code to associate with the same employee you might opt to use the Copy on the far right grid


Creating a Daily Log from the Time Sheet

You can Associate a Daily Log with the Time Sheet by clicking on the "New Daily Log"  button in the upper left.  The daily Log process is exactly the same.

New Daily Log



If you have interest in having the time sheet exported to be imported to Sage 300 Payroll please contact our Support team and they can set up a meeting with our PSG team.