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About Potential Change Orders (PCO's) Created from Project Management Items

For customers with the Project Management and Cost Management modules, there is the functionality to create a Contract Event Potential Change Order from various Project Management Items. Allowing for the trail of the PCO to be in tact and a link to exist between the Cost Event and the Project Management Item that generated it. 

What Project Management Items Can Create PCO's?

Create a PCO from a Project Management Item

1. Navigate to the Project Management Item (in the website or the mobile application)

2. Select the Create New PCO Button

Website - Top Ribbon

Mobile App - Bottom of Item

3. The Potential Change Order section of the item will be updated to show the PCO number that was created, the current amount, and status. The Amount and Status will update as the PCO is updated within the Contract Events section of the project.

When viewing the linked PCO, the Originating Item will be listed. The PCO is created with the subject of the originating item.  As the PCO is updated in the Contract Event section, the amount and status will be updated in the originating items PCO section.

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