The following applies strictly to updating an existing connector install on the same server. These instructions also assume that you have a standard connector installation. There is a separate document that details the process for installing an updated version of the connector on a new server.

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Download the New Connector Version

1. From the server where the connector will be installed, log in to the StratusVue Platform website with an Organization Admin profile

2. In the navigation tree, expand My Organizations, expand the Organization, and then expand Setup. Select  Organization Integrations Setup

3. Select the download link for the Sage 300 Connector that matches the version of the connector needed

(The connector version downloaded should match the version of your Sage 300)

4. The connector file will be downloaded via the browser

Complete the Connector Update

1. Select [Run] to run the downloaded file (this may vary by browser)

2. When the Sage 300 Connector Install window opens, click [Uninstall Service]

3. When the uninstall completes, click on [Install]

4. Click Yes or Allow to any confirmation messages

5. Click [Next >>] on the window displaying Verify local settings

6. Click the top [Validate], in the API Key Area

7. Click [OK] to the confirmation message

8. Click the bottom [Validate], then click [OK] to the success message

If an error message appears, make sure that the user name and password matches what is input to retrieve the download of the connector file above.
For 20.3 and above, The username is Case sensitive.

9. Click [Next  >>]

10. Select "4" from the Synchronization Timer dropdown (The Greyed out dropdown box, second line)

11. Enter the credentials for your StratusVue Platform website Organization Admin (user entered to retrieve connector download)

12. Click [Validate].

13. Click [Install], and [OK] to the success message once the service is installed

14. From the Start menu, Search programs and files enter “Services.msc” to open the Services window. 

15. Scroll to the StratusVue.API.Client.Service,  right click and select Properties

16. On the Recovery tab, For First, Second and Third Failure, select “Restart the Service” from the dropdown

17. Click [OK]

18. From the Start menu, Search programs and files enter “Event Viewer” and select Event Viewer.

19. Review the Event Viewer (Local), Applications and Services Log, StratusVue.API.Client Event Log for any errors after Syncing one of your projects from the StratusVue Platform website

It is important to check that the information entered in Sage 300 Organization Integrations Setup Page matches what is entered into the Timberline Data ODBC SetupPage

Connector Update FAQ

1. Do users need to be logged out of the StratusVue Platform website and/or Sage 300 before the new version download file is installed?  

No, you can complete the update at any time.


2. Should the server be backed up before installing the Connector? 

No, does not affect any 300 or StratusVue Platform website databases


3. We use a cloud-based solution with client connectivity via Citrix Receiver.  Are there any special steps that need to be taken in this situation?

No, the Connector just needs to be installed on the server that the 300 database is running on.


4.  When the update is complete, how do we verify that the latest update has been installed?  

 If you download and run the relevant connector installation application, when the connector install runs, check the version number listed on the first window. If the version number matches the version you have downloaded, the connector has bene updated and you can cancel the install.


5. Do I need to delete the current connector?

No, by downloading the new connector you will be replacing the existing one.

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