Single Document Revision


  • Navigate to the folder the document is housed in that needs to be revised, then click on the document itself



  • In the top ribbon bar, click "New Revision" to open the document revision screen


  • On the next screen, update the document information. The document revision Name/Number may also be edited as well. The system will auto sequence the numbers automatically after each revision of that specific document. 



  • Click "Choose File" to browse the computer's local environment for the revised document. Once the file has been selected, click "Save"


Multiple Document Revision


  • Navigate to the Documents Section where the Documents reside that need to be revised. Select the checkbox of all Documents that are needed for the revision



  • After selecting the documents, click "Revise" in the top ribbon bar


  • Drag and drop (or click browse) revised drawing. A few things to note on this screen:
    1. A file description may also be added to each document
    2. In the top left of the uploader, there will be a count of how many documents have been added to upload. Please ensure the amount of documents revised matches the amount of documents selected for replacement


  • Click "Upload". The next screen will be the edit/mapping screen. Please make sure to update the *required* fields on this screen highlighted below. Click "Save" to complete the revision




Published:02-2020 | Revised:03-2020 v8.5.3