Click on the Documents Section where the Documents are to be uploaded. (Plans, Specs, General and Photo, StratusDrive, or Closeout)



Open an existing subfolder or select the option to create a new subfolder (click New Folder) to contain the documents.  To upload new documents, on the top ribbon bar click New Document.

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Uploading files can be done with two available options; Single File Uploader or Multiple File Uploader.

The multiple file uploader will allow for more than one file to be uploaded at once.  To use the multiple file uploader, click the checkbox labeled multiple documents, on the Document upload screen, fill in the desired information.   When utilizing the multiple file uploader, any information entered in the fields shown below will apply to all documents that are uploaded.  To advance to the next step click upload.  

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To upload multiple documents, click the box to the 
Upon refresh, click the upload button. This will enable drag- 
and-drop file selection and automatic naming/numbering of 
the documents. 
Document Number 
CSI Division 
Issue Date 
Multiple Documents 
For multi-file upload use the drop-downs below to pre-fill common document information before you click the upload button below. 
Select Document Discipline 
Select Document Status 
Select Document Type 
No file selected. 
For files over 100MB please use the Multiple Documents option. 

Drag and drop files into the area that says "Drop Files Here…" or utilize the "Add More Files" button. After the files are added, click Upload to upload the files.

Pre-Fill Document Information:

None - No Document Number or Title information will be populated on the editing screen after uploading. Information will have to be entered manually.

Number and Title based on the filename - The information will be filled based on the title name

Auto-Increment based on a 3 digit scheme - The document number will be labeled as "001, 002, 003, etc."


ocumen n orma on 
@ Number and Title based on the filename. 
Auto-Increment based on a 3 digit scheme. 
Files for upload 
Change view: 
Add more files or remove all files 
+Add more files 
Drop files here.. 
No files to upload 

Once the documents are finished uploading the screen will refresh and redirect to a document editing screen. When editing is complete, click Save to be taken back to the folder the files were uploaded to:


Number - Fill in the document number or edit as necessary

Title - Fill in document title or edit as necessary

Discipline - Choose the disciple from the dropdown. The icon to the right of the dropdown allows for the discipline to be copied down to all documents

File - The file name as it is within your local environment prior to upload


B Upload Multiple Documents 
Pre-Fill Document Information 
AOL Symbols Abbre• 
A02 Finish Schedule Part 
A03 Door Schedule and 
AOL Symbols and Abbre• 
A02 Finish Schedule Part 
A03 Door Schedule and 
Di pun e 
Select Document Discipline 
Select Document Disci line 
AOI Symbols and Abbreviations.pdf 
A02 Finish Schedule Partition Types.pdf 
A03 Door Schedule and Details.pdf 


The option to upload a single document upload may also be utilized at the bottom by clicking Choose File to choose a file from the computer's local environment.  The single file uploader has a limit of 100MB.