Unlike the folders under Project Management, the Documents folders are accessible by all project members unless you explicitly restrict access. Some folders might already have been restricted in the project template; these folders are viewable only by users with the Project Administrator role. You’ll need to grant access to any restricted folders to additional project members who should be able to see them.



  • In your project, go to Documents and browse to the parent folder of the folder you want to modify.
  • Select the check box for the folder, and then click Revise.
  • Select the Restricted check box. Setting the Restricted property on this folder means no users will have access to the folder except those you specifically assign.

Design Development Phase 
S. rt Value

  • Click Update.
  • Click the folder to open it, and then click Folder Access.
  • Click Add to add project members to the folder, and then adjust their access level based on actions they need to perform in the folder.

Can Read 
Can Modify 
Can Delete 
Can Read All That 
Lets users view documents in the folder, but not upload new documents. 
Lets users upload new documents to the folder. 
Lets users delete items in the folder. We recommend that you assign this permission sparingly. 
Lets users who become project members after the project has started see all items since the 
project began. When you add project members at the start of the project, you won't need to select 
this option.