The Invitation to Bid (ITB) email is generated by StratusVue Platform BidVue users to invite bidders to bid on bid packages for various projects. By receiving the ITB email, you have been granted access to the Bid Package and it's content.

In addition to providing all of the details regarding the project's bid package and the organization sending the invitation, the email notification will also include a link to access the Bid Package and it's content within the StratusVue Platform website that it was sent from. Bidders will also have the opportunity to update their Bid Intentions.

Note: If login is required - you will need to enter your Username and Password to access the Bid Package and it's content.

The above image is showing the default Invitation to Bid email notification provided out-of-the-box by StratusVue. It is possible that the Organization that has sent the Invitation to Bid has customized the presentation of the email notification.

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