What are User Roles?

A User Role is assigned to each Site User as their "default" User Role. When that Site User profile is added to a Project, the default User Role becomes the project member's Project User Role. The Project User Role defines the "out of the box" permissions for that project member on the project. These permissions can then be further customized on a per project basis.

Project permissions control what Project Members, or collaborators, can do and see within the project. For more information regarding Project Member permissions, please refer to the Project Member Permissions Knowledge Base Article.

It is important to understand that a Role in the StratusVue Website Solution is all about permissions, nothing to do with a User's Job Title. 

What User Roles are Available?


The following is a list of User Roles available in the site:


Role Name

Role Description

Role Abbreviation

Accountant Default Permissions


Architect Default Permissions

ConsultantConsultant Default PermissionsCONS

Engineer Default Permissions

EstimatorEstimator Default PermissionsEST
FieldField Operations Default PermissionsFIELD
General ContractorGeneral Contractor Default PermissionsGC
OwnerOwner Representative Default Permissions
Planroom No Bid PackagesPlans & Specs Sections Access Only No Bid PackagesPLANROOM
Project SponsorProject Sponsor Default Role Permissions (Executive View)SPONSOR
SubcontractorSubcontractor Default PermissionsSUB
SuperintendentSuperintendent Default Permissions SUPER
Customized Org RoleThis Role would be used when setting up your Project Templates and User Templates inside of the project.  The only permissions set are to Read Only Plans and Specs in Documents so you have the ability to configure appropriately.

If you are interested in learning more about using this role, please refer to: Organization User Templates
UtilitiesUtilities Review Default Role PermissionsUTILITIES
VendorVendor Role Default Permissions 


For detailed information for the Project Permissions that are assigned to each User Role, please review the attached User Role Permissions v2022.06 workbook.