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About Copying Project Member Permissions

Once Project Member Permissions and Project Section Folder Access are assigned to a Project Member, they can be copied to other Project Members. 

If an organization is utilizing Organization User Templates, permissions can be copied from the User Templates to like Project Members easily after the project has been created. 

Copy a Project Member's Permissions

1. Navigate to the Project Members section of the Project Setup Module

2. Select the Project Member(s) that Permissions are being copied TO via the checkbox to the left of their Project Member listed.

3. In the top ribbon, select Copy Permissions

4. In the pop-up, select the Project Member that permissions and folder access will be copied FROM in the dropdown.

  • By default, the Copy User Roles is not checked. If selected, the system will also copy the project level assigned User Role to the selected profiles for this project only. Leaving the box deselected will only copy permissions and folder access to the selected profile(s)
  • The Remove any current folder permissions checkbox will default selected. This is an optional feature that will remove existing assigned permissions/folder access to the selected Project Member(s) that you are copying permissions to.

5. Select Ok

The screen will refresh, and permissions and folder access have been copied, based on the settings, to the selected Project Members.

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