Create an Issue


Navigate to the Project Management module on the project home screen

Click on the Issues section



Click on the New Issue button in the ribbon to create a new issue


Fill in all of the required fields, as well as any additional information


Click Save at the bottom of the page to save your work.



Add Responsible Parties and CC Users


In the Issue, locate the To field and click the drop-down arrow to open a list of project members

Select the project member's name from the drop-down list


Click Save


To add a CC User, scroll to the CC Users section.  Click the Plus Sign icon to open the User Selection tool.



Place a check mark in the box next to the name of users you would like to add to the CC list.   When you are finished selecting users, click Close and Add Selected to add the users to the list.


When you are ready to send the Issue click Submit in the top ribbon. This will initiate the send of the issue to the listed To and all listed CC's




Adding Attachments


Scroll to the File Upload section.  Drag and drop the desired file into the gray box.  You can also browse your device for files to upload by clicking Browse file(s) above the gray box. Click the Upload file(s) button to add the documents once the Upload indicator has turned green.



In the top ribbon bar, there are also options to Add File, Add Multiple Files or Reference Documents from within the project.



Reference Documents - Will pull from the folders located in the documents to attach folder or separate documents within the folders. 





Converting Issues to PCOs


To convert an Issue to a PCO, open the issue you would like to convert by clicking on the Issue Name.  This will open the Edit Issue page.



In the Edit Issue page, click Create New PCO in the top ribbon bar.



To view your newly created PCO, navigate to Cost Management > Contract Events > Potential Change Orders.




Replying to Issues


To respond to an issue, open the issue you would like to respond to by clicking on the Issue Name. Scroll to the Discussion section and enter your reply in the box.



Once you have entered your reply, click Send Reply.  This will send notifications to the creator of the issue, responsible party, or CC(s) and/as appropriate.


Closing Issues


To close an Issue, open the Issue you would like to close by clicking on the Issue Name.   This will open the Edit Issue page. Navigate to the Status field under General Information.



Click the drop-down arrow and select Closed from the list. Click Update under the text box to save.


Deleting Issues


To delete an issue, open the folder the issue belongs to.



In the Issues Folder, select the issue you would like to delete by placing a check mark(s) in the box to the left of the Issue name. Click Delete Selected to delete multiple issues. You can also click the red X to the right of the issue to delete one issue at a time.