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About the Simple Project Template

The simple project template is the project template that is provided for all new StratusVue website platform subscribers. This folder template is used as the starting point within the system. During implementation users learn more about projects and their functions and are encouraged to update their project templates as they see fit after implementation has been completed. 

The simple template is setup with the minimum requirements to run a project within the StratusVue platform website. 

What information is included in the Simple Project Template? 

List Management

The Project Level List Management that is included in the Simple Project Template is the full default list available for Organization Level List Management. This includes both the Master and Standard CSI Code Index

Project Management and Document Management Folder Structure

Project Management Folders


Cost Management Transmittals

Submittal Transmittals

Document Management Folders


Current Plans (Used to maintain a current set of drawings)



Current Specs (Used to maintain a current set of specifications)


General & Photo

Jobsite Photos

Project Defaults

Additional Resources

Organization Project Templates