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About Creating an Organization Project

In order for a user to be able to Create new projects within an Organization, they will need to have the Site Level Permission of Create Projects. This is assigned to their user profile at the site level. 

If you are unable to create projects, the permission has not been assigned to your profile. Please contact your Organization Admin.

Create a New Project

1. In the Organization Location & Project toolbar, select Add Project

2. Select the Project Template that will be used to start the new project from the Create from Template dropdown

Note: The step is IMPORTANT. If a template is not selected, the project will need to be completely built from scratch. All Project Templates that are provided out-of-the-box include the minimum requirements for a project to run. 

3.  Enter the Project Name, Project Number, and Project Zip

The other fields are available to be entered if the information is available. The Project Name, Project Number, and Project zip are the required fields in order to create a project. Once the project is created, the information can be updated via Project Defaults after the project has been created

4. Select Save

The screen will refresh back to the Organization Location & Project Toolbar with the newly created project in the project list.

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