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Create a New Project


  • Under My Organization in the navigation tree, Click on your Organization Name. On the main screen click the > symbol next to your organization name to expand. Click Add Project.
    • Fill in all required fields (* = Required)
      1. Project Name
      2. Project Number
      3. Project Zip (for accurate weather pulling in Activity Log)


Project & Locations 
Employee Logins 
Organization Info 
Organization Locations 
Location Name 
SCPC Training Company 
Add Project 
Project Name 
o child records to dis la 
Add Location 
Address 2 
Delete Prolect 
Edit Location 
Address I 
Edit Project 
Project Number

     BEST PRACTICE – Fill in as much project information as possible.


  • Click Save after filling in all the desired Project Information.



Copy a Project


  • Expand the location the project is listed within that you would like to copy.



  • Your screen will refresh and you will be asked to update the project edit screen with the information for the new project. Click Save to copy the project.




 NOTE: Owning Location represents the Organization name location you would like the copied project to exist. Be sure to click save to record your modifications.

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Published:09-2019 | Revised:01-2020 v8.5.2