Frequently Asked Questions:

Does updating Sage 300 have an impact on synchronization? 

    Yes. The StratusVue-Sage300 connector version must match the version of Sage 300 that is being used. If the version of Sage 300 and the StratusVue-Sage300 connector do not match, no synchronization will take place between your StratusVue website and your Sage 300. 

Who installs the updated connector?

    For most organizations, this is typically handled by IT. In the Updating the StratusVue Sage300 Connector article, the instructions are provided for updating the connector. However, for some organizations, scheduling with our connector team is a better option. This can be done by reaching out to our Support Agents at

When is the latest version of the connector available? 

    As soon as the connector is developed, it will be deployed to all StratusVue websites via a site release to all Organization Integration Setup pages. 

What if the Sage version that matches the Sage 300 version is not listed? 

    If the version of the StratusVue-Sage300 Connector is not listed, that means that connector is not available. For new versions, it typically takes a minimum of a full release cycle for the connector to deploy.

    If an organization is considering upgrading to a version that is not yet listed in Organization Integrations setup, please contact to find out when the latest version will be available. 

We recommend not updating your Sage 300 instance without coordinating your StratusVue-Sage 300 Connector update with the StratusVue team.