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Download the Time Sheet Import Template

1. Navigate to the Time Tracking section

2. Select Import Time Cards in the top ribbon

3. Select the Download Template button

** A blank copy of the template can also be found attached at the bottom **

Completing the Import Template

Complete the spreadsheet for each new time sheet/timecard being created. 

Required Fields: (Columns: A,B,D,E,F)

Date, Employee Email, Hours, Budget Cost Code, Cost Code Category are all required fields. 

Option Fields: (Columns: C,G.H.I,J)

Employee Name (the email is all that is needed to select the Project Members), Overtime, Double Time, Shift, Notes.

(If using Shifts, they must first be setup in Project Level List Management)

Importing Time Sheets

This will be completed AFTER the information is entered into the import and the file is saved locally on the device. 

1. Navigate to the Time Tracking section/subfolder

2. Select Import Time Cards in the top ribbon

3. Select the Browse button (or drag and drop on top of the browse button)

4. Select Upload File

5. Confirm mapping screen


The destination column is the field in the site, the source column is the column from the spreadsheet. If the column headers are changed, manual mapping will need to be completed.

6. Select Import Log

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