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About the Link Between Time Sheets and Daily Logs

Time Sheets within the Time Tracking section of the Project Management module have the ability to be linked to the same day's Daily Log. When a Daily Log and a Time Sheet are linked, navigating between the internal employee Time Sheet and the Daily Log for the day becomes much easier. 

Time Sheets can be created from an existing Daily Log to create the link between the day's Time Sheet and Daily Log. 

Create a Time Sheet from a Daily Log

1. Navigate to the Daily Log within the Daily Logs section of the Project Management module

2. In the top ribbon of the Daily Log, select the Create Time Sheet button

3. In the Time Sheet, enter the general information and hit Save

When the Time Sheet is saved, the system will navigate the user back to the originating Daily Log. 

Back in the Daily Log, the top ribbon button is now identified as Go to Time Sheet

Additionally, both main grids are also updated with a button to the linked Timesheet/Daily Log

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