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About the Commitment Event Status of Void

All Commitment Events have 3 statuses, Pending (the way they are created), Approved, and Void. Commitment Events that are in the status of void will not be included in any totals. Only Commitment Events in the Status of Pending can be changed to the status of Void. 

For integrated environments, any commitment cost event that has a synchronization stamp cannot be updated to the status of void. 

Voiding Commitment Events from the Commitment Event Type Grid (Single or Multiple)

1. Navigate to the Commitment Event folder that the Commitment Events are located

2. Select the Commitment Cost Event(s) that are being voided

3. Select the Void button in the top ribbon

4. Select OK in the pop-up to confirm that the selected event(s) should be voided

Void and Revise

Within a Commitment Event, the Void and Revise option is available for creating a revision to an existing CommitmentChange Event. When an event is void and revised, the original event is updated to the status of pending, and a new copy of that change event will be created. 

1. Navigate to the Commitment Event that is being void and revised

2. Open the Commitment Event

3. Select Void Revise in the top ribbon

The screen will refresh and the new version of the change event will be available to be updated. The new change event number will be the original number plus a 2-digit number scheme started at .01.

Reopen a Voided Commitment Event

1. Navigate to the Commitment Event that is void and being reopened

2. Open the Commitment Event

3. Select the Re-Open button the in top ribbon to set the status of the Commitment Event back to Pending. 

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