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What is Project Member Quick Reply?

Once Quick Reply is enabled at the project level (Quick Reply Setting Overview), access to the Quick Reply link within RFI and Submittal Transmittals is controlled at the project member level. Access to this link can be toggled to Yes/No (Yes=has access No=does not have access) for each project member of the project. 

Quick Reply is the preferred method for reviewers reviewing and responding to RFI's and Submittals.

Toggle a Project Member's Quick Reply Access

1. Navigate to the Project Members section of the project

2. Select Project Members in the grid that Quick Reply is being toggled (From yes to no, or no to yes)

3. Select the Toggle QR icon in the top ribbon to flip the selected project member's quick reply option

After the grid refresh, the selected users will have their Quick Reply access for the project flipped. 

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