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About My Bid Packages

The My Bid Packages section, found within the Navigation Tree of a logged in User, it the one location where Bidders can see a listing of ALL Bid Packages within the StratusVue website that they are a listed bidder. 

This is the primary way of accessing a Bid Package. 

Please note that My Bid Packages is only available once a User is logged in. Should you have any difficulty with that process, please fee free to contact with any questions. 

Open a Bid Package

1. Locate the Project within the My Bid Packages grid

The white text boxes are searchable for bidders with a longer bid package listing!

2. Select the Organization Name of the project for the bid package.

Once the Bid Package is open, Bidders are able to view the Bid Package, Download Bid Documents, and Reply to the Invitation to Bid.  

Additional Resources

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