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Logging In

1. Navigate to the StratusVue Platform Website using the correct URL of the site you are collaborating in

2. Enter the Username and Password that was sent to you via email

3. Select Login

Note: If you are unsure of your username and password, please contact the amazing StratusVue Support Team at Be sure to let them know which StratusVue Platform Website you are looking to access.

Resource Toolbar

The Resource Toolbar across the top of the StratusVue Platform Website provides quick access to projects and various resources.

Projects - Clicking on the Projects button in the Resource Toolbar will give users the ability to search for projects that they have been granted access and permissions

Learning Resources - The Learning Resources button will take users to the StratusVue Learning Resources page. Here users can find how-to guides, video guides, recordings of our Guest Speaker Series, and recorded Learning Events. 

Contact Us - The Contact Us button will take users to the StratusVue Freshdesk Ticketing system. Here users are able to generate tickets for submission to the StratusVue Strategic Success Team.
For more information on Freshdesk please visit our FAQ: What is StratusVue Freshdesk?

Release Notes - The Release Notes button will bring users to the StratusVue Release Notes page. Releases are scheduled in 4 week sprints, which means that releases typically occur once a month. Releases are subject to change without notice; however, when releases are deployed, the release notes page is updated.

Get StratusDrive - For StratusDrive subscribers and their collaborators, this button is how the local StratusDrive will be downloaded.

   For more information on StratusDrive please visit StratusDrive Overview

The Navigation Tree

The Navigation Tree on the left-hand side of the screen will look a little different for each user depending on Site Permissions. In addition to the projects search bar (shown above in the Resources Toolbar) users are able to navigate the website by using the navigation tree. The navigation tree can be pinned and unpinned as needed using the pin icon to the top right. 

My Organizations is where users will find a listing of all of the organizations--and their respective projects--their user profile is listed as an active project member.

Selecting an organization will expand that organization to show all the available locations and projects that user has access to.

For Organization Admins, and users with elevated Site Permissions, expanding the organization in the Navigation Tree is where you would access the Organization Setup and Organization Report modules.

Additional Resources

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