Within the RFI Report, there is a column that captures the Date Responded for the RFI. 

This column is populated by the first RFI Response that is posted within the Discussion thread of the RFI. RFI Collaborators are given two ways to respond to RFI's, by using Quick Reply or navigating to the site and posting a reply to the Discussion thread. 

If RFI Collaborators are not participating in the RFI, the date responded can be captured manually:

1. Navigate to the RFI that a response was received

2. Scroll to the Discussion thread

3. Enter the reply received from the reviewer

4. Send Reply (if no email notifications should be sent, select the Do not send Notification checkbox)

Printing the RFI Report will show the RFI's Date Responded as the date of the first discussion post. This date is automatically captured and cannot be modified.

PSG Note:

If the standard, out-of-the-box reports don't meet your organization's needs, you have the opportunity to customized them via our Professional Services Group. Simply submit a markup or the details of what you are looking to customize; our Report Writers will review the request and advise. Please note at all custom reporting is subject to a fee; if there is one, it will be presented with an estimated turnaround for approval.

Please submit to support@stratusvue.com or support@sagecpc.com