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What is the new PDF Compiler? 


The new PDF Compiler Aspose is being introduced into the StratusVue websites. The PDF Compiler is a tool that allows the use of the "Print with Attachments" button throughout the different project module sections.  It allows for an item and it's compatible attachments to be generated into one PDF file at the click of a button. 

This article is intended to walk users through where and how to use this new function as well as identify the areas the new feature has been included. This transition to the new tool will take place in a multi-phase deployment, there are still locations where the older tool is used - those areas are listed at the bottom of this article. 

What formats are accepted by the new PDF Compiler?

List of File Types/Characteristics that will compile in the print:

  • .PDF
  • .PDF with Layers
  • .PDF that are fillable forms 
    • (the forms can also be completed in the PDF that is generated and downloaded/printed with the filled in information)
  • .PDF that contain metadata/embedded links
  • .doc/.docx
  • .PNG
  • .BMP
  • .JPG/.

In future deployments, additional file types will become available. 

For file types/characteristics that are not supported for compiling, the new PDF Compiler will include a page in the print indicating that the file type is unsupported. 

For secured documents, the print will include the below imaging

Files that are not compatible with the complier can still be retrieved from the attachments section of the originating item of this print within the StratusVue website. 

What sections of a project is the new PDF compiler available and how is it used?

For any location not listed below, the attachments will still need to be image files (.PNG, .JPG/.JPEG) and PDF's that are compatible for compiling (PDF Attachment Compiling Compatibility)

Available Item Prints (Print with Attachments)

Project Management

  • Punch Lists
  • Transmittals
  • RFI's
  • Submittal Packages
  • Issues  
  • Meetings
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Time Tracking
  • Daily Logs

Cost Management

  • Contract Events
  • Commitment Events

Bid Management

  • Bid Packages

1. Navigate to any of the above Project Sections

2. Open a the section item or select it from the grid

3. In the top ribbon, within the Print/Reports tab, use the Print Item with Attachments option

Locations the New PDF Compiler is Unavailable when Printing with Attachments

  • Email links
  • Project Management Module grid and item prints not listed above
  • Cost Management Module grid and item prints not listed above