Why is there a sync stamp in the website, but I can't see it in Sage 300?

There are a few reasons that we see a sync stamp in the StratusVue Solution website, but can't seem to find that item/transaction within Sage 300.

  1. Transactions need to be posted in Sage 300 (See also: Sage 300 - Auto Commit and Auto Post Settings)
  2. There are more than two periods (accounting months) open in Sage 300. (Sage 300 will not allow anything to post to a 3rd month) 
  3. Some Jobs require "Final Compliance" 

Troubleshooting Why Something Didn't Post in Sage 300

1. In Sage Desktop, navigate to Common Tasks

2. Select Printouts

3. In the pop-up, open the folder that contains the file and select the file for the date of the activity

4. In the Object Viewer, Users will be able to see reasons why items/transactions have been rejected

On the left, the user will be able to see the project number. Users will also be able to see the cost code (when applicable) and transaction description, as well as the amount.