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What is the Activity Log Report?

The Activity Log Report at the project level will show all activity/tasks that have been completed on the project by all Project Members. Activities that can be completed in the project will be captured as a task on the Activity Log Report of that project. It is important to note that the Activity Log Report is also available as an Organizational Level Report. 

The Filters

As with all Project Reports, the Project Activity Log Report can be filtered for specific information or details about any project member and any tasks that have been performed within the project. The Activity Log Report can be filtered to:

  • a specific Project Member
  • a specific Task
  • a date range
  • a specific description of a Task (Transmittal Number, Change Order number, etc.)
  • by a generalized task name (so using just the word Delete to see all deletions, regardless of section)

Once filters have been applied, using the Run button will run the filters on the project data and return results for viewing. 

Viewing the Results

Once the filters are entered, use the Refresh button to apply the entered filters to the available data. The Activity Log Report Preview Grid will populate with the results based on the entered filter criteria. 

Additionally, the Activity Log Report can be exported as a .csv file by selecting the Download Report link

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