There are two types of person profiles within the StratusVue Website Solution: Users and Contacts

Have Username and Password; able to login at Login PageDo not have a Username and Password
Can receive Project EmailsCan ONLY receive Invitation to Bid and Bid Package Message
(Contacts do not receive any other email notifications)
Can collaborate on any project items they have permissions to collaborate

Can ONLY collaborate on a Bid Package
Can access projects they are a listed project member ofOutside of Bidders, Contacts are intended to be used to capture contact information for a person ONLY
Are controlled by Project Member PermissionsCan be converted to a User

Are created when people profiles are synchronized from an integrated accounting platform. To collaborate, contacts must be converted to Users in the StratusVue Solution website
Please see: Project Member Permissions

Convert a Contact to a User

If the user is in the system as a contact, all that has to be done is:

  • Populate User Login
  • Password and Confirm Password
  • Scroll to the bottom and press Update. 
  • Search for the user again and at the top of their profile will be a Permissions tab. You can assign their permissions there; You can only do this after converting their profile from contact to user


A contact profile will usually look like this:

a a Delete Selected Users User Login <none> User Full Name User Contact User Email Company StratusVue Phone 847-876-1003 Delete Page 1 of 1, items 1 to 1 of 1.


This is where the Permissions tab is after you have updated their profile:


Users Management USER COMPANY O Existing Company O New Company Existing Organization * Location StratusVue StratusVue (38 West Gr... / Fox Lake...) User Info Edit Qualification Password Restoration Permissions Administration Options Include in Address Book? PLEASE NOTE THAT CHANGING THE ADDRESS FIELDS WILL ONLY CHANGE THAT INFORMATION FOR THIS USER AND NOT THE ENTIRE COMPANY. This User Is Not From U.S. Address Line 1 Address Line 2 City 38 West Grand Fox Lake