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About User and Contact Site User Profiles

There are two types of person profiles within the StratusVue Website Solution: Users and Contacts

Can login via the Login Page; they have an assigned Username and Password.Cannot login via the Login Page; no assigned Username or Password
Can receive all Project Emails and notifications.Can ONLY receive the Invitation to Bid and Bid Package Message.
(Contacts do not receive any other project email notifications)
Can collaborate on any project they are an assigned Project MemberCan ONLY collaborate on a Bid Package. Outside of Bidders, Contacts are intended to be used to capture contact information for a person.
Can be controlled by Site Level Permissions and Project Member PermissionsCannot be controlled by Permissions; they have no login, and they have no access to the website outside of Bid Packages that they are sent. 
The Site User Profile type that is recommended for the best experience.The Site User Profile type that is created when people profiles are synchronized from an integrated accounting platform. To collaborate fully, contacts must be converted to Users in the StratusVue website.

Contacts will be phased out in a future version of the website.

Identifying a Contact vs. a User

Site Users & User Groups

Within Site Users and User Groups, contact profiles are easily identified in the grid. Any person listed with <none> for their User Login is a Contact. Users will display their Username. 

Project Members

Within Project Members, if a contact profile type is added to the Project Members list, it is added as not active; the Is Active column is shown as "No". 

It is important to understand that any project member can be made inactive, however contacts will always show as "No" when they are first added to the Project Members section. This is the first key indicator of a contact vs. a User. However, because contacts can be toggled to active (though this has no impact on anything), the only way to truly identify a Site User Contact listed as a Project Member it by opening the Project Member profile by selecting on the User Full Name of the Project Member. 

Once the Project Member is open, their Site User Type is easily identified based on the Permissions Tab availability and the User Login field. Contacts have no Permissions tab to the top right, Project Member Permissions cannot be assigned to a contact profile. Additionally, contacts will have a blank User Login Field. 

Converting a Contact to a User

A contact can be converted to user in 3 different locations: Site Users, User Groups, and Project Members. 

As a reminder, only User with the Site Level Permission of "Manage Users" can access the Site Users and User Groups sections of the site. Project Admins and Project Members with Read and Write to Project Members can convert contacts to Users from the Project Members section of the project. 

1. Open the profile

2. Scroll down to the User Information section. Enter the Username in the User Login field. This is typically the user's email address. 

5. Select the Change password checkbox and enter the password being assigned.

6. Select Update

The User will receive a confirmation that profile was successfully updated. 

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