Items to review prior to releasing a Commitment Change Event to Sage 300: 

Only Approved Commitment Change Orders will sync

The approved date is required and can not be in the future.  The date must be equal to the date of released to accounting or prior.

A subject is required, additional text and drop downs are optional.  

Confirm the Commitment is selected in the header

Confirm the Commitment is Synchronized within Commitment Info

The Commitment must be synchronized with Sage 300 in order to synchronize the Commitment Change Order being issued to it.

Confirm the Commitment Line has been selected within the line items

Note: If a new Commitment Line item is being created for this item, please refer Quick Add Commitment Line via Commitment Event for Sage 300 Integration

A checked box Released to Accounting represents the event is queued for synchronization at the next project sync and required to share the Commitment Event with Sage 300

A date time and stamp represents the event has been synchronized with your accounting system

Additional Notes:

Once a Commitment Event has been synchronized, it can no longer be modified. 

- Commitment Event Change Order Numbers can only be used once per commitment.  

Summarized From represents the Change Order was originated in a lower tiered document type and is a hyperlink down to that lower tier document (PCO, COR, etc.)