Within a Commitment Change Order, a Commitment Line item can be created via a Commitment Quick Add, adding a new line item to the original commitment.

Commitment Quick Adds are created when the Commitment Line Item within the Commitment Cost Event Item is left as (Add a New Commitment Item) instead of picking an existing line item from the original commitment and selecting Save

When Save is used on the line item, the system will present a pop-up window to complete the Quick Add Commitment form. 

Once all of the details are entered, the cost code and cost code category are selected and any other fields update, selecting OK will save this Commitment Quick Add

In the Commitment Change Order Cost Events Grid, we will see the Quick Add is called out within the Commit Line field of the item. Commitment Quick Adds all show as Add .. for new commitment lines

Additional Notes:

The Commitment held within Commitment Info will not show the newly created commitment line item until the Commitment Change Order that is adding the new line is synchronized with Sage 300. Once the Commitment Change Order has successfully synchronized, the Commitment held within the Commitment Info section of the project will also be updated. Inside of the commitment cost codes grid of the commitment, the newly added line will have no original commitment value, and have an approved and accounting approved changes value.