Navigate to the Project Members Section and Select New User

You will be taken to this screen where you will need to enter the following *REQUIRED* information:

  1. Existing or New Company
    • If the company is existing search for it using the "Existing Organization" search box. You must type at least three characters in the box in order for it to start displaying organization names. This could take a few seconds
    • Once you find the company the user belongs to, select it to populate the Address fields below
  2. User Default Role
  3. User Login - *It is best that the user login be the e-mail. Makes it easier to search for user to add to projects, etc.*
  4. Password and Confirm Password
  5. First Name
  6. Last Name
  7. E-mail Address


USER COMPANY O Existing Company O New Company Existing Organization * Location Include in Address Book? StratusVue StratusVue (38 West Gr... / Fox Lake...) Edit Qualification PLEASE NOTE THAT CHANGING THE ADDRESS FIELDS WILL ONLY CHANGE THAT INFORMATION FOR THIS USER AND NOT THE ENTIRE COMPANY. This User Is Not From U.S. Address Line 1 Address Line 2 City State Zip * P h one * Fax Cell Web Site Add this user to selected user group 38 West Grand Fox Lake 60020 - 847-876-1003 <single groups> Ext. a Planroom User USER DEFAULT ROLE Select User Default Role * USER INFORMATION User Login * ENTER PASSWORD * RE-ENTER PASSWORD * Select Role Require More Information on Login First Name * Last Name * Email Address * Secondary Notification Passwords must include a minimum of 8 characters, both upper- and lower-case letters, and a special symbol. User Example Email



  1. Double-, triple-, quadruple-check the spelling of email address, as they will not receive data if the email address is entered wrong.


  • Once that is complete, scroll down to the permissions. Select the appropriate permissions for the site user. External site users are recommended to only have the privilege to Manage their own user profile. Internal site users, depending on their role in the company, may be granted more advanced permissions.


USER SITE PERMISSIONS Permission Name Create Projects Manage Companies Manage User Profile Manage Users Organization Admin Send Faxes View all projects Permission Description Enables User to Create projects Enables User to see "User Companies" and to Add/Modify organizations. Enables User to manage or modify his/her user profile. Enables User to to add users to the site. Enables User to manage all organization Setting - Reserved for Your Org's Administrators Enables User to send project faxes. Enables User to "view only" all projects within their Organization even if they are not a project member.



  • Press "Save" to create your user's profile. You will get a message on your screen letting you know the user profile has been created, and the user will receive an email with their login credentials to begin using the site.

Note, creating the user profile at the project level will create the user profile as well as add the newly created user as a project member to the project in which the profile was created. User profiles only need to be created once within the system. Once they are created, they are available to be added to projects via the Add Project Members button.