The Summary Info Section of the Cost Management module compares the Estimate to the Contract. In integrated environments, the accounting columns will show the values that are held in accounting. Additionally, the Summary info page will include a sync stamp to show the last time this project was successfully synchronized with accounting, knowing that was the last time that the accounting columns were updated. 


 The first row across the top, Contract Amount, is showing all of the values from the Contract Info section of the project. Underneath, we see the Estimate values listed out by category from the Estimate Info section of the project.


The Accounting Job to Date columns can only be populated by an integrated accounting platform.

Accounting JTD = Non-Commitment Cost + Commitment Amount Invoiced


The Forecast columns are populated by the forecasting - variance section of the Cost Management module. As the forecast numbers are updated, these columns will change. Forecast Total Cost= Commitments + Commitment CE + Non-Commitment Costs.


The Projected Margin will compare the latest Total Pending and Approved Contract Amount against the most current Forecast.   The Projected Margin will fluctuate as they update the Forecast numbers and/or Contract Change Orders numbers and/or Accounting JTD change to the last sync.

    Projected Margin = Total Contract Pending and Approved - Forecasted Cost to Complete

    Projected % Margin = Projected Margin/Total Contract Pending and Approved


The Gross Margin will compare the original contract to the total estimate values.


The Billing Status at the bottom can only be populated by an integrated accounting platform


For more information on the dials at the bottom and the calculations, please refer to 3.12 Summary Info Gears



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Reference Material for Relationship between Forecast Tab and Summary Tab within a Forecast Worksheet:



At the bottom of the Summary Info section of the cost management module, the system has an attachments and reference documents grids available for storing any relevant documentation to the Summary Info section to be used as desired.

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For more details about referencing Folders and Files, please refer to 6.13 Referencing Documents